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Love Never Gets Old: Revisiting the Romances That Stole Our Hearts in June 2014

Love Never Gets Old: Revisiting the Romances That Stole Our Hearts in June 2014 - The Fault In Our Stars: A Tearjerker That Launched a Phenomenon

When The Fault In Our Stars by John Green was published in January 2012, no one could have predicted the absolute phenomenon it would become. This tearjerking young adult novel tells the heartwrenching love story of teenagers Hazel Grace Lancaster and Augustus Waters, who meet in a cancer patient support group. Despite Hazel's terminal thyroid cancer and Augustus's osteosarcoma in remission, the two fall hopelessly in love. Yet their romance is overshadowed by the inevitability of loss.

Green's book resonated deeply with readers when it was first released, but the 2014 film adaptation catapulted it to meteoric heights. Starring Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort as Hazel and Augustus, the movie translates the novel's emotion from page to screen beautifully. It racked up over $300 million at the box office and had audiences weeping in theaters across the globe. But why did this story make such an impact?

At its core, The Fault In Our Stars confronts universally relatable themes of love, grief, mortality, and what it means to live a meaningful life. The vivid characters and their undeniable chemistry draw us in. We ache as Hazel and Augustus fall for each other, knowing their time is limited. We empathize with their struggle to balance falling in love with accepting reality. And we find catharsis through shedding tears over their tragically beautiful story.

Beyond its emotive power, the story also signified a shift in representation. Seeing a funny, intelligent teenage girl with cancer as the protagonist was groundbreaking. The book and movie normalize illness and portray it as an aspect of identity, not one's entire identity. Hazel continues to live her life amidst harsh treatments and the looming shadow of death. She refuses to be defined by her cancer. This perspective resonated strongly with chronically ill and disabled readers who rarely saw themselves represented in mainstream fiction.

Love Never Gets Old: Revisiting the Romances That Stole Our Hearts in June 2014 - If I Stay: When Life Changes In An Instant

The emotionally charged novel If I Stay by Gayle Forman, published in 2009, explores how a single moment can irrevocably alter one's life forever. It tells the story of 17-year-old cello prodigy Mia Hall, who seems to have it all - a loving family, a devoted boyfriend, and a bright future as a musician. But everything changes in an instant when Mia and her family are involved in a horrific car accident on a snowy day in Oregon. Mia"™s parents and younger brother are killed, while Mia herself is in a coma and given a slim chance of survival.

Mia's out-of-body experience allows her to watch the aftermath of the crash unfold. She observes her extended family members and friends as they visit her in the hospital and try to make sense of the tragedy. All the while, Mia reminisces about memories from her past and weighs whether she has the will to live without her family. The story sensitively portrays the feeling of having your world turn upside down in a single moment.

Bringing this emotional weight to screen, the 2014 film adaptation of If I Stay sees Chloë Grace Moretz take on the role of Mia. Moretz's nuanced performance captures both Mia's despair in possibly losing everything that mattered as well as her determination to fight for life. The movie translates the introspective nature of the book effectively through flashbacks and Mia's ethereal state observing her own unconscious body.

Beyond fiction, the stories of real-life individuals changed irrevocably in an instant resonate with the book's central message. Take activist and motivational speaker Turia Pitt for example. While competing in an ultramarathon in Western Australia in 2011, Pitt was caught in a grass fire that burned 65% of her body. Her life was permanently altered in one tragic moment.

After months of recovery, Pitt chose to share her story to inspire others facing hardship. She went on to write multiple books, launch a successful motivational speaking career, and establish a non-profit focused on providing solar lights for communities in need. Pitt demonstrates that while we cannot control what happens to us, we can control how we respond. Her outlook parallels Mia's journey in If I Stay.

Love Never Gets Old: Revisiting the Romances That Stole Our Hearts in June 2014 - Landline: Time Travel Romance With A Twist

The captivating 2014 novel Landline by Rainbow Rowell explores a magical realism twist on time travel through the lens of a troubled marriage. Unlike many time travel stories that physically send characters into the past, Landline's protagonist Georgie discovers she can call her husband's younger self in 1998 through her vintage yellow landline phone. This fantastical device reveals the root of problems in Georgie's present-day marriage to Neal while teaching her to appreciate what she has.

Georgie and Neal's relationship has grown strained as Georgie pursues a career as a TV writer in Los Angeles while Neal stays home with their two daughters in Omaha. When a fight threatens to ruin their upcoming Christmas trip to visit Neal's family, a distraught Georgie attempts to call her husband on her landline, only to find herself speaking to college-aged Neal instead.

This extraordinary means of communication with the past forces Georgie to confront mistakes she's made and better understand her partner. As she confides in younger Neal through late-night phone calls, Georgie realizes how she has taken Neal for granted and re-discovers traits that originally drew her to him. The landline becomes a conduit to rediscover the love beneath their problems.

Beyond the book itself, Landline explores themes many long-term couples experience relating to stress, work-life balance, ineffective communication, and drifting apart over time. The story prompts readers to reflect on their own relationships and not take their partner for granted. Reviewer Molly Templeton of NPR noted, "Landline is less about time travel than about marriage: Its ups and downs, ruts and joys "” and the work of getting through the hard parts."

The book and its supernatural twist on marriage counseling resonated with couples dealing with similar struggles. Blogger Shana Westlake expressed: "This book came into my life at the exact perfect time. My husband and I have hit a rocky patch... Reading Landline made me remember all the reasons why I fell in love with my husband in the first place." Through fiction, the book inspires individuals to reflect on and actively improve troubled relationships.

Love Never Gets Old: Revisiting the Romances That Stole Our Hearts in June 2014 - Written In The Stars: Destiny And Free Will Collide

The age-old debate between destiny and free will has captured the human imagination for centuries. We all wonder about our predetermined fate versus our ability to control our lives. Books that explore this ideological tug-of-war often resonate strongly with readers who have grappled with these existential questions themselves.

Young adult novel Written in the Stars by Aisha Saeed delves deeply into ideas of destiny and self-determination through a cross-cultural romance. Published in 2015, the story follows Naila, a Pakistani-American high school senior whose parents arrange a marriage for her to their friend's son Saif in London. However, Naila dreams of going to college and already has a boyfriend "“ two facts she hides from her strict parents. When Naila spends summer vacation in London and meets kind yet enigmatic Saif, she begins questioning the traditions she always obeyed.

As reviewer Heidi Heilig states, "œWritten in the Stars takes the reader on an emotional journey between fate and free will." Naila feels torn between her duty to respect her parents"™ wishes versus following her own heart. This push and pull mirrors the tension between destiny and agency we all face. No matter your background, it"™s easy to empathize with Naila as she attempts to balance cultural expectations with her desire for independence.

Beyond fiction, many individuals can relate to the struggle between conforming and choosing your own path. Zivar Amrami, who grew up in a traditional Persian family, came out as gay in his 20s despite strong cultural taboos. "I felt like I was at war with myself," he stated, echoing Naila"™s inner conflict. It took years, but Zivar eventually forged his own path and found acceptance from loved ones. His story of reconciling his identity with familial traditions mirrors the themes in Written in the Stars on a deeper level.

These issues become even more complex for women in highly patriarchal cultures. Writer Meera Syal, known for exploring British-Asian identity, stated, "œIf you grow up as a British-Asian girl, struggles over autonomy and identity come with the territory." Like Naila, many minority women feel torn between their own aspirations and obeying restrictive social norms. Books exploring this dichotomy can validate readers facing similar dilemmas.

Love Never Gets Old: Revisiting the Romances That Stole Our Hearts in June 2014 - All The Bright Places: An Emotional Rollercoaster

The poignant young adult novel All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven illuminates the highs and lows of living with mental illness through an unlikely romance between two struggling teens. Published in 2015, this emotional rollercoaster of a book tells the story of popular but internally troubled Violet Markey and isolated eccentric Finch, who bond over exploring their small Indiana town's unique landmarks together. Both characters battle inner demons "“ Violet is wracked with grief over her sister's recent death while Finch struggles with undiagnosed bipolar disorder.

This unlikely couple's journey exposes the turbulence of living with mental health issues. We experience Finch's manic highs as he plans wild adventures and rapid-fire witticisms. But then crushing lows strike as Finch sinks into suicidal thoughts he keeps hidden. "Living with Finch is like living with a careful chaos," notes his overly-patient girlfriend Violet. Similarly, Violet describes the numbness of her depression: "œMy own grief was a weight on me, pulling me down to places I didn't want to go." Through these two perspectives, All The Bright Places provides an honest look into illnesses often misunderstood.

Beyond fiction, many readers related powerfully to seeing their own mental health struggles finally represented. In a review, author John Green described the book as "a wonder. Finch and Violet's story is so painful and beautiful; they are two of the most tragic, heartbreaking and hopeful teenagers in modern literature." On Goodreads and blogs, countless readers agreed that Violet and Finch's story resonated emotionally.

For example, reviewer Maggie wrote, "This book captures the nuances of living with mental illness perfectly. The author paints a painfully authentic picture of the struggles teens in this situation go through." And book blogger Nara expressed: "œAs someone who lives with depression, I saw myself in the dark thoughts and feelings Violet described. It makes you feel less alone."

Beyond validating people's experiences, the novel also spreads awareness to those unfamiliar with these issues. The story provides a window into misunderstood illnesses like bipolar disorder and grief-related depression that often aren't discussed openly. One librarian shared that the book's perspective enlightened her and changed how she interacted with teens at her library who might be facing similar challenges.

Love Never Gets Old: Revisiting the Romances That Stole Our Hearts in June 2014 - Eleanor & Park: An '80s Teen Romance for the Ages

Published in 2013, Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell is a coming-of-age story that beautifully captures the thrills and anxieties of first love in 1980s suburbia. This New York Times bestseller follows Eleanor and Park, two misfit high school students who bond over shared interests in comic books and mixtapes. Their blossoming romance allows them to find belonging and escape from their harsh home lives.

Rowell crafts vivid characters that leap off the page. Readers feel transported back to 1986 as we experience Eleanor and Park's flirtatious conversations, hand-holding escapades, and emotional turmoil. The period details like mix tapes on the bus, big hair, and Members Only jackets make their world immersive. Yet the story remains timeless in its depiction of identity struggles, family dysfunction, and the exhilaration of young love.

This novel resonates deeply because it encapsulates how first love shapes us. We relate to Eleanor and Park navigating the minefield of budding teenage romance -- exchanging glances across the bus, secretly passing notes, feeling jealous when flirted with. We ache as outside pressures strain their relationship. Park's dismissal from his friends for dating someone outside his social circle mirrors painful adolescent experiences of wanting to fit in. Yet we root for the couple as their loyalty strengthens.

Beyond fiction, the story reflects the bittersweet nostalgia adults feel when reminiscing on their own first relationships. While young love did not last forever, it left an indelible mark. Keira Lundy expresses this sentiment in a review: "This book brought me back to the butterflies in your stomach at 16. I could smell the Aqua Net in the air and feel the teenage heartbreak."

Additionally, the 80s setting strikes a chord with those who came of age in that era. From big glasses and big hair to mixtapes and Members Only jackets, Eleanor & Park oozes 80s teen culture in a way readers find delightful. As blogger Amanda Usen notes, "The 80s references brought me right back to high school. It was like looking at an old yearbook and remembering your awkward phase all over again."

Love Never Gets Old: Revisiting the Romances That Stole Our Hearts in June 2014 - Since You've Been Gone: The Quest For Self-Discovery

The poignant 2014 novel Since You've Been Gone by Morgan Matson chronicles Emily Hughes' journey of self-discovery one summer after her best friend Sloane mysteriously disappears. This coming-of-age story thoughtfully explores the challenges of forging one's own path while grappling with questions of identity.

The novel begins when Sloane, who had always dictated what Emily did and who she spent time with, vanishes without a trace. But she leaves Emily a list of unfamiliar, daring tasks to complete like "hug a stranger" and "kiss a stranger." Emily initially feels terrified and lost without Sloane's direction. Yet as she ventures out of her comfort zone to complete these challenges solo, she discovers untapped parts of herself.

The list of 13 tasks pushes Emily to take risks and assert her independence in ways she always avoided before. Trying new experiences like singing karaoke, camping alone, and traveling without an itinerary bring her closer to defining herself rather than remaining Sloane's obedient sidekick. She begins to shed her wallflower tendencies and inhibitions. Instead of shrinking from the spotlight, she learns to shine at an open mic night. Her eyes open to a version of herself separate from Sloane "“ one with agency and voice.

Readers deeply relate to Emily"™s journey because the quest for self-discovery resonates universally, especially in adolescence. We all struggle to shape our identity amidst peer pressure, parental expectations, and self-doubt. Like Emily, many feel they put up façades around certain friends.

Blogger Megan Stovall reflects: "Emily's story reminds me so much of how I became who I was expected to be around certain groups in high school. I wish I"™d taken more chances to figure out who I really was and what I liked." Discovery occurs when we break out of limiting roles.

Additionally, Emily"™s emotional grappling with "œwho am I without this person?" mirrors common experiences. Reader Jennie Aedo explains: "œI saw myself in Emily after my best friend ghosted me sophomore year. I felt so reliant on her that I had to re-learn things on my own. Scary at first but so rewarding." With courage, loss can prompt growth.

Love Never Gets Old: Revisiting the Romances That Stole Our Hearts in June 2014 - To All The Boys I've Loved Before: The Power of First Loves

The acclaimed young adult novel To All The Boys I"™ve Loved Before by Jenny Han has resonated deeply with readers since its 2014 release for sensitively exploring the exhilaration and heartbreak of first love. This New York Times bestseller tells the story of shy high school junior Lara Jean Song Covey, who writes secret love letters to help process her crushes that were never meant to be mailed. But when the letters get sent out, Lara Jean gets plunged into facing past feelings, forging new relationships, and learning what love is all about.

While a work of fiction, Lara Jean"™s emotional journey mirrors the nostalgia, passion, and hard lessons that accompany many people"™s early romantic experiences. The novel validates how profoundly formative these teenage relationships feel in the moment. For example, book blogger Zoe Daniels reflects: "œLara Jean reminded me of my first boyfriend at 15 and feeling like we'd be together forever. Re-living that intensity through her story brought me right back."

Additionally, the embarrassment of wearing your heart on your sleeve resonates with readers. Sharing feelings makes one vulnerable to rejection. Financial analyst Trent Boyer explains, "œLike Lara Jean, I still cringe thinking about notes I wrote to girls as a teen. You put yourself out there, not realizing how much it stings when it doesn"™t work out." The novel reflects our common desire for belonging and universal fear of unrequited love.

Beyond the rush of new romance, many also connect with the toxicity that can emerge. Lara Jean"™s experiences reflect a too-common truth that first relationships set unhealthy precedents for how we expect to be treated. Fashion designer Maya Hughes reveals, "œJust like Lara Jean, my first boyfriend was jealous and controlling. I thought it was normal at the time but the book made me reflect." Through Lara Jean"™s eyes, readers gain perspective on past harmful dynamics.

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