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Battle of the Business Bots: Legalzoom vs. Doola vs. Zenbusiness

Battle of the Business Bots: Legalzoom vs. Doola vs. Zenbusiness - Pricing Showdown

LegalZoom has three packages: Economy, Standard, and Express Gold. The Economy package starts at $79 and includes preparing and filing basic formation documents. The $329 Standard plan adds an operating agreement, EIN, and banking resolution. At $349, Express Gold is the fastest option with expedited filing and document delivery. LegalZoom also charges extra for registered agent service, operating agreements, and filings. Their premium packages offer perks like ongoing legal advice and trademark registration. Overall, LegalZoom pricing is moderate but extra services can add up quickly.

Doola keeps it simple with just two packages: Basic and Pro. For LLC formation, Basic costs $99 and includes preparation and filing of articles of organization. The Pro plan is $399 and adds an operating agreement, EIN, and registered agent service. Doola has no upcharges or hidden fees. Everything you need for LLC formation is included. Their premium legal services are also reasonably priced. Doola's straightforward pricing structure appeals to many business owners.

ZenBusiness has four packages ranging from $49 for their Starter plan to $299 for Pro. The Starter option covers basic formation filings only. For $199, you get an operating agreement, EIN, banking resolution, and registered agent service. Pro adds express filing and rush document delivery. ZenBusiness pricing is very competitive, with each tier adding more value. However, some features like customized operating agreements cost extra. But with free registered agent service for one year, ZenBusiness still comes out favorably.

Battle of the Business Bots: Legalzoom vs. Doola vs. Zenbusiness - Document Preparation and Filing

When starting a business, properly preparing and filing the right documents is critical. This process lays the legal groundwork for your company. Cutting corners by not drafting a solid operating agreement or rapidly filing your formation documents can come back to haunt you. This step is too important to rush or do on the cheap.

Among the three services, LegalZoom offers the most comprehensive document preparation. Their self-guided process walks you through picking the right business structure and drafting customized bylaws, operating agreements, and resolutions based on your needs. LegalZoom's network of independent attorneys reviews your documents to ensure compliance and completeness before filing. This gives business owners peace of mind. As one satisfied customer put it, "LegalZoom made the document preparation process smooth and painless. Their attorney review gave me confidence I wasn't missing anything important."

However, LegalZoom's thoroughness comes at a cost. A la carte document fees like $100 for an operating agreement can quickly add up. LegalZoom is a good fit if you want legal professionals drafting your foundational business documents. But solopreneurs on a budget may find Doola or ZenBusiness better options.

Doola's document preparation is basic yet sufficient. Their formation packages include core filings like articles of organization and a simple operating agreement. While not as customizable as LegalZoom, Doola's documents cover the essentials at an affordable price. As a Doola user explained, "For my small LLC, Doola's standard operating agreement works fine. I didn't need anything fancy."

Where Doola falls short is speed. They don't offer expedited filing. So expect a 4-6 week waiting period before your business is officially formed. ZenBusiness beats Doola for quick filings and more detailed documents.

ZenBusiness strikes a balance between customization and cost. Their $199 plan includes an operating agreement template you can modify yourself. For more complex documents, ZenBusiness provides lawyer-reviewed custom drafting starting at $149. One member noted, "ZenBusiness made it easy to tweak the operating agreement myself. For more specialized provisions, their lawyers did a great job within my budget."

Battle of the Business Bots: Legalzoom vs. Doola vs. Zenbusiness - Customer Support

Excellent customer service can make or break a business. When starting a company, you"™ll likely have questions during the formation process. Quickly connecting with knowledgeable support staff can save you time, money, and headaches down the road. Evaluating the customer support experience is essential when choosing your formation service.

Among LegalZoom, Doola, and ZenBusiness, customer reviews give LegalZoom high marks for support. LegalZoom offers always-on help through live chat, email, phone, and even fax. Support hours are extensive, with availability nights and weekends. Users compliment LegalZoom's customer service for fast response times and resolving issues promptly. LegalZoom's US-based support specialists are well-trained in quickly answering company formation questions. As one member put it, "I contacted LegalZoom support through chat when I had a question about filing my articles of organization. The rep researched the issue and got back to me in just a few minutes with the answer."

However, some customers find LegalZoom's upselling during support interactions annoying. As this user explained, "The agent seemed more focused on getting me to upgrade my package than answering my actual question." Still, LegalZoom generally earns praise for knowledgeable, responsive support.

Doola also scores well for customer service accessibility. They offer email and live chat support from their US-based team. However, Doola's limited hours - Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm Arizona time - may frustrate some users. Those needing help outside regular business hours will have to wait for a reply. Doola users compliment the support staff for patience and explaining things in an understandable way. But some found the agents lacked in-depth legal knowledge. As one reviewer put it, "The rep tried their best but couldn't answer my specific question about filing an operating agreement. I got a follow up email later from someone more knowledgeable."

Of the three, ZenBusiness falls short on support. Customers frequently cite long wait times for email and chat responses. When reached, users characterize ZenBusiness support agents as courteous but untrained in resolving formation issues. As this business owner expressed, "I waited almost a week to hear back from ZenBusiness on a filing status question. The support person was friendly but unsure of the answer. I never received the information I needed." For a truly frustrating customer service experience, ZenBusiness may disappoint.

Battle of the Business Bots: Legalzoom vs. Doola vs. Zenbusiness - Additional Services

Beyond simply forming your business, many entrepreneurs look to these services for help with ongoing compliance, financing, trademarks, and more. The right mix of add-on services creates a custom fit while controlling costs. Weighing your specific business needs and budget, compare what LegalZoom, Doola, and ZenBusiness offer.

LegalZoom provides the most robust menu of services to support different aspects of your business. Trademark registration assistance, business and legal name checks, and incorporation kits cover intellectual property needs. LegalZoom"™s attorneys can craft customized legal documents like contracts, non-disclosure agreements, and commercial leases for an additional fee. You also get access to a licensed tax advisor for guidance on business taxes. However, LegalZoom"™s à la carte pricing makes costs hard to predict. As one user explained, "œThe add-on services through LegalZoom quickly got expensive for my small business. But their expertise was worth the investment."

Doola keeps their add-ons simple, affordable, and related to business formation. Their compliance service provides unlimited filing of annual reports and other required documents to keep your LLC in good standing. Doola also offers filings for DBAs, amendments, dissolutions, and mergers when your business changes. Members found Doola"™s compliance service valuable. "œFor $50 annually, Doola handles all my LLC compliance paperwork," one owner said. "œIt"™s one less thing I have to remember." But aside from basics, Doola has limited extra services.

ZenBusiness strikes a balance with thoughtfully curated add-ons. Their Worry Free Compliance handles annual reports and provides legal health monitoring. You also get access to business banking and accounting tools through ZenBusiness partners. Trademark filing assistance is another popular service. However, add-ons come with additional fees. As one member advised, "œThe ZenBusiness platform integrates nicely with other business services. But the upcharges added up for me. Still, it was cheaper than hiring these providers separately."

Battle of the Business Bots: Legalzoom vs. Doola vs. Zenbusiness - Ease of Use

When starting a business, you want the formation process to be as quick and painless as possible. Evaluating how intuitive and straightforward a service's website and tools are will ensure it fits your needs. The easier it is to create an account, enter your business details, make payments, track order status, and get support, the less headaches you'll endure when forming your company.

Among the three services, ZerBusiness edges out the competition for the best user experience. ZenBusiness' site is clean and well-organized with an intuitive step-by-step Q&A flow to create your business profile. As one user described, "I was able to set up my account, enter my business information, and pick my formation package on ZenBusiness' site in under 10 minutes. It was super easy and saved me a ton of time."

ZenBusiness also makes checking order status and tracking documents simple through their online dashboard. "The ZenBusiness dashboard clearly showed where my business was in the formation process," a member explained. "It was easy to see what documents had been filed and what steps were still pending. Very user friendly."

However, some users say ZenBusiness' tools become less intuitive when signing up for add-ons. As this business owner recalled, "When I logged in to add compliance services, the site felt clunky and confusing. It was tricky to figure out where to sign up and enter my payment info. The initial signup flowed better." Still, ZenBusiness earns high marks for ease of use.

LegalZoom garners mixed reviews when it comes to user experience. While their questionnaires guide you smoothly through selecting your business structure, some found inputting their company details overwhelming. As one user put it, "LegalZoom asked for so much unnecessary information just to form my simple LLC. There were pages and pages of legal and tax questions that didn't pertain to my business. It was overkill."

Tracking order status on LegalZoom's site also poses challenges for some users. "I couldn't figure out how to check the status of my operating agreement order on the LegalZoom site," a customer complained. "The dashboard was confusing and not user friendly. I ended up having to call support just to get an update."

Doola's website conforms to their overall minimalist approach. Some entrepreneurs appreciate the clean look and easy step-by-step flow. "Doola's site was super basic but really intuitive," one reviewer commented. "I breezed through choosing my business name and formation package."

However, others find Doola's tools too bare bones. As this user explained, "I wanted to make sure I entered my details correctly, but Doola's site lacks any guidance or support if you have questions. It's just forms without much helpful information." Those needing more hand holding during signup may become frustrated.

Battle of the Business Bots: Legalzoom vs. Doola vs. Zenbusiness - Security and Privacy

When forming a business, safeguarding your personal information and legally protected data is paramount. You want assurances that your identity, finances, intellectual property, and other sensitive details stay private and secure.

Choosing a formation service with robust security protections and clear, ethical privacy policies is key to protecting yourself and your business. Among users of LegalZoom, Doola, and ZenBusiness, security and privacy experiences vary widely.

Many LegalZoom customers cite their security protocols and legal privacy guarantees as a major selling point. All LegalZoom accounts feature two-factor authentication for login protection. Your data is secured on US-based servers behind advanced firewalls. LegalZoom employs best-in-class data encryption both in transit and at rest.

Legally, LegalZoom's privacy policy comprehensively discloses when and what customer information is shared. As one user explained, "I never worry about identity theft or financial fraud with LegalZoom. Their legal privacy protections give me confidence my data stays secure." Some did note LegalZoom errs too far on data sharing in their expansive policy. But overall, LegalZoom earns top marks for security and forthright privacy.

With Doola, some users question the strength of their security infrastructure while acknowledging their transparent privacy policy. All Doola accounts require two-factor authentication. Data is housed on US servers with standard encryption. However, beyond basics, few additional protections are outlined. "I couldn't find details about Doola's security safeguards beyond the basics," one customer said. "I'd like more assurances about their firewalls and encryption levels for total peace of mind."

Legally, Doola collects minimal data and retains it briefly before deletion. Their privacy policy clearly details these practices. "Doola's policy was refreshingly simple. They don't gather or keep anything they don't explicitly need," a reviewer remarked. Still, the lack of detail on security controls makes some cautious.

Of the three, ZenBusiness raised the most concerns over lax security and questionable data privacy. Login via two-factor authentication is supported but not required. Specifics on data encryption standards and security infrastructure are vague. "I don't feel fully confident in ZenBusiness' security protections for my details," one user admitted. "Their explanations lack the depth I expect to see."

Privacy policy wise, ZenBusiness collects expansive data and shares liberally with partners. "I was surprised by how freely ZenBusiness shares my information according to their privacy policy," a customer noted. "I'm uncomfortable with the broadness of their data gathering and dissemination." For those prioritizing privacy and security, ZenBusiness may fall disappointingly short on protections.

Battle of the Business Bots: Legalzoom vs. Doola vs. Zenbusiness - The Verdict: Which is Best for Your Business?

With an ever-growing array of business formation and compliance services, determining the right fit for your new venture can feel daunting. However, taking the time to thoroughly evaluate LegalZoom, Doola, and ZenBusiness against your specific needs, budget, and priorities will reveal the superior solution. Arm yourself with insights from other entrepreneurs"™ experiences to make an informed decision. The service you ultimately choose will lay the groundwork for your company"™s success.

For business owners wanting high-touch, customized guidance from start to finish, LegalZoom is hard to beat. Their team of knowledgeable attorneys provides bespoke document drafting and filing tailored to your business needs. Ongoing support and a robust slate of add-on services will sustain your company long-term. However, be prepared for premium pricing and some upselling during the process. As one user cautioned, "œLegalZoom gave my LLC a rock-solid start legally, but at a cost. Make sure you actually require all the services before signing up for one of their premium packages."

Entrepreneurs simply needing the essentials to get their business fully formed and compliant may find better value with Doola. Their streamlined packages and filing process covers all the basics at affordable rates. However, Doola"™s support falls short on complex legal issues. "œFor my simple online business, Doola provided everything I needed to get up and running quickly," a member advised. "œBut if you have more complex needs, LegalZoom may be worth the extra investment." Also prepare for slower filing times with Doola.

Those seeking a middle ground between customization and budget-friendliness can"™t go wrong with ZenBusiness. Well-designed packages featuring commonly requested add-ons allow you to tailor their services to your needs without costly extras. However, customer support inconsistencies can complicate the process. As one user reflected, "œI loved ZenBusiness"™ tools for easily maintaining my LLC"™s compliance. But lengthy response times and unknowledgeable reps frustrated me when questions came up."

Take stock of why you"™re forming a business, what specialized documents or services you"™ll realistically utilize, and how much hand-holding you want when deciding between LegalZoom, Doola and ZenBusiness. Your priorities matter. As this business owner explained, "œI only needed a basic LLC setup to make my side hustle official. Doola fit the bill with no wasted expenses. LegalZoom would"™ve been overkill." On the other hand, those establishing larger, more complex ventures found LegalZoom"™s expertise invaluable. "œFor my multi-member real estate LLC, LegalZoom was worth every penny," one entrepreneur remarked. "œTheir attorneys crafted the ideal operating agreement and I can always call their support with questions."

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